Chicken Nesting Box Bedding

 In all my backyard chicken researching career… which is less than a year, have never seen anything like this. Honestly, the whole coop design is different then most. I found the coop when I was looking for information on broccoli leaves. (Doesn’t surprise me) It’s hard to find someone with backyard chickens that doesn’t have a garden. This coop and her chickens live in LA, California.

I’ve only seen pine shavings, hay or shredded paper for the nesting box bedding. This is so cool, and as evidence shows, works!

Plastic Nest Pads
LA backyard chicken nesting box pad

LA backyard chicken nesting box
Check out the suggestive golf ball (Chickens: lay eggs HERE)! The pad looks like the mats you wipe your feet on, but they say hens like to sit their tush on it. You can purchase the nesting pad HERE.
I’ve added a few more pictures of this coop…

LA backyard chicken coop
Under the Roost inside the coop is a ‘poop tray’ that’s made of sand and DE. She collects the poop twice a week like it’s a litter box.
LA backyard chicken coop run
She also uses the sand in the run and collects it the same. It seems like that would get old. Then again- it’s wasting less and could be used in the garden sooner. This isn’t just your everyday play sand either. This sand is closer to beach sand, so it doesn’t stay muddy. She said it makes for an ‘egg-cellent’ dust bath, too. (ah, needed to get that out of my system)
I guess I’m not done learning about backyard chickens… as far as the council deciding if backyard chickens are welcome in my city, it takes place on August 7th. I understand that the people who are against them are the only ones speaking out. Please spread the word by emailing the council that backyard chickens are awesome because they aren’t hearing it. This link will take you to their email addresses. They’d love to hear from you!

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