Natural Pools – Sustainable

I have been drooling over these natural pools for over a year now. Natural Pools might be my dream for now, but I love them no less. This disclaimer: I haven’t studied the technical side based solely that I will try to build one and start digging up my backyard. I know the principals and basics enough to have fallen in love.

What is a natural pool you might ask? It’s not a salt water pool, but more of a control pond or huge aquarium with a natural filter. You have your swim area and pump like any other pool, and then you have a regeneration area where the plants live. The plants are your filter much like they are in an aquaponics system.

With natural pools you can still have the frogs and fish live with you. I can remember as a kid rescuing frogs from my grandparents pool every morning. Ok, sometimes snakes and mice too, but my grandparents were not in the city. It was the first thing we did in the morning – ‘Sister, let’s check the skimmers!’

Of course natural pools have been in Europe for quite some time and are just getting to the US. This BBC video can explain them better than I can. I’m just here spreading the word of the awesome!

Natural Pool, Daily Green

Natural Pool, The Daily Green

Natural pools come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as modern or natural as you like. This includes how much you want to ‘show off ‘ the regeneration area and include it with or without the swim area. 

The Daily Green has 23 natural pools images which I’ve shown a few here. The pools an be as cheaper or just as expensive as chemical pools, but mother nature will thank you. YouTube-ing these is worth it too, people in Europe are building them themselves and converting their chlorine pool. 

This is the kind of stuff I dream about. Have you fallen in love too?

2 thoughts on “Natural Pools – Sustainable

  1. A natural pool would be a beautiful addition to your home. However, you have a lot of things to consider first before putting up one. First off is the maintenance of the pool. Natural pool requires you to have regular maintenance to keep its natural beauty. These photos of natural pools you shared are just breathtaking.
    Aquos Pools


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