Bloomin’ Hot

I’m so excited about my sunflower finally blooming. It’s about 5’6″ and growing! The package said 12 feet tall and the bottom of the stock is about 2 inches thick. Yikes! The other guys on the side of the house are just forming their flowers at about 2 feet tall, so I’m hoping they will be here in about two weeks. Wish I planted these earlier.

The daily sunflower watch is intense: Party of one.
Full Bloom Sunflower

I was reading about harvest time awhile back. When the seeds are still forming and the birds are crazy for them, you put a paper sack over them. This way, the seeds will continue to form, they stay dry and keep the birds away. The paper sacks are on standby!

Pumpkin Blossom 
I haven’t had a pumpkin form yet, so I’m trying to be thankful for the bright yellow flowers.
Cantaloupe Blossom
I was late getting the cantaloupe in, too. O well. The flowers are cute little yellow guys. 

 I keep almost everything that is green, including buttercups. Open in the morning, closed at night. 

Mint Bolting
It’s about time to trim the mint again. The insects are really loving it. Hindsight tells me this wasn’t a grand spot with the water faucet in the same bed. 
Yep, this is the stuff that you put on sunburns. It blooms too! Everybody needs one of these and you are’t a Reed if you don’t have one. I’ll have to re-pot this one and separate the babies soon. 
Thankfully, this year is more blooming and less hot. Bring on the fruit and/or seeds!

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