Driveway Alternative: Grass

Sometimes I find a super cool idea and then forget about it. Just happened. The coolest ones always come back, though.  I saw this advertisement in Architectural Record, July 2012 today during my non smoker smoke break. 

About 3 years ago, when I had cable, I saw this California house without a driveway, but grass instead on HGTV. Isn’t this fantastic?! How do you not ruin the grass when you drive over it, though?
GrassPave2 is the name of the product. 
You have to put a layer of gravel, then these plastic interlocking ring things. Then sand and such before adding the grass to make it strong enough for cars. It’s literally a ‘green’ driveway.
You could argue that the amount of water it takes to keep the grass isn’t very ‘green’ in it self. I agree. I think sometimes doing nothing is just as green, especially if your driveway is fine. Plus, I’ve been looking into a ‘no mow’ yard. I like to use my water for the veggies and fruits, but let’s be honest: what is hot about big slab of concrete? I may have talked about this before.
I doubt this is any cheaper than a concrete driveway. It could be a great alternative for overflow parking or a low use parking lot in a commercial setting, though. Even better: people with rear driveways could use this to continue their backyard fence over the new green driveway to marry the backyard to the side yard. Add a classy remote gate for car access and BOOM. This could really make backyards bigger. 
I’m a dreamer. I need dreams even if they are small and maybe something I may never do. This is possibly one of them. My dad didn’t really like this idea. Even code enforcement was NOT a fan. Party poopers.

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