Buzz About the Bees

Do you keep hearing in the news that the bees are being killed off and the concern about how everything will be pollinated? It’s concerning, but there are people and businesses doing their part and reaping the rewards. 
M Streets Dallas Top Bar Bee Hive
If we go back to the Peep at the Coops Tour they had a pretty cool bee hive. There were three hives in this small backyard in the M streets of Dallas. You could see bees flying around, but it wasn’t overwhelming and they didn’t bother me. This is one I haven’t seem before and is about $200. Jim Goss made this hive. 713-305-9851. He’s so old school, that he didn’t have business cards. I love it!
 It’s a top bar hive without the screens, so the bees start building their hive on the bar. They say this makes it easy to harvest the honey by just cutting the hive off and replacing the bar. Look at the cool window! This hive is only a month old with four combs. 
Even cooler, the Waldorf-Astoria New York and the InterContineatal in Times Square are bee keeping on the roofs. There are six hives on the roof of the Waldorf which will grow to about 300,000 bees. The InterContineatal just added their first one. You can read the complete article here.
Farmers Branch even had their own bee keeper on Longmeade, but I’m not sure why he got rid of them. Their must be a hive close to me because I’ve seen an increase in bees on my mint.
I would love to have a small hive. Ginger Cole, who was the bee keeper spokes person for the house said I could divide my hive once it got too big for me. I dunno. I want to take a bee keeping class next year and then decide. She even told me that there are ways to position the hive so the flight path is higher. Did I just talk about planes? I don’t need another project right now, but maybe in the future. 
If you have allergies or have a weak immune system, eat local honey and daily. It’s the most natural and has long term effects on your body. Drugs are short term, but the honey builds anti-bodies, etc. I can’t help it, plus it’s an excuse to have natural sugar to my diet. 
‘I need it!’ says the sugar addict. 

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