Composting at the Office

If I know one thing, it’s that my office is tired of hearing about chickens and gardening. Instead of talking this time, I’m doing. 
Office Compost Bucket
Do you look at all that coffee and food and think ‘what a waste, it could go in my compost?‘ Me, too!! I made a compost bucket for the kitchen.  It’s just a 5 gallon bucket from my Home Depot, and I stuck a label on it with instructions what you can and can’t put in it. 
LABEL is something like this
  • Worms can eat most fruit and vegetable peelings, grains, coffee grounds and filters, and tea bags
  • Food should be raw, or if cooked; have no additives (oil, salt, butter, spices, etc.)
  • Worms will not be happy with garlic, onion, lots of broccoli or cabbage, or citrus (which contains the irritant limonene) 
  • Avoid meat, bones and dairy to keep smells at bay
  • Avoid dog and cat waste if vermicompost will be used on a food source 
  • Beware of herbicides and pesticides on grass clippings.  Wash fruit (especially bananas which have an anti-caterpillar pesticide)and vegetable peels
  • I get pretty excited a few of my co-workers are embracing the idea! I have a one that brings me bags of fruit and veggies pieces. Even more exciting is my co-worker with the juicer, hello pulp! 
    Thank you co-workers… for your trash. 

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