Lazy Tomato Eater

Happy day after Independence Day! I’ve been looking for lazy ways to eat my home grown tomatoes. Sure I could make fancy recipes, but that’s lots of work. I’ve had some time to think while my last picking was ripening. 
Almost ready to eat
I feel like my tomato plants are pretty big. They are about to outgrow me! Clearly, that’s not too hard. 
Next year, I want more tomato plants, and as my lazy theme goes, i want cherry tomatoes. I assume since they are smaller, I’ll get them sooner and yield a higher quantity. They are like candy to me, no cooking required! 

Tomato Parmesan
As you know, my neighbors are way more advanced than me, and gave my some of my their dried Oregano a few months ago. They have it growing in the front yard under their roses. Planting with edibles: love it!
These are just slices of tomato, sprinkle oregano, and topped with parmesan cheese. I broil until the cheese is almost brown. It tastes like pizza minus the bread. 
Lazy and delish, just my kind of cooking!

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