Green Baby Shower

So this past weekend I went to a green baby shower. Not the color green either, duh. 
I met the mom-to-be through JLD at a Habitat build. We found out we were both nerds and been friends ever since. She’s doing the non-hospital route, cloth diapers, and organics. My idol… my mom’s nightmare. 
And just the same so was the shower! The food was all organic quiches, organic cake, and a fabulous watermelon & mint punch. OMG so delish! You’ll be finding the quiches in the frozen section soon. There were several Mom’s at the shower, so lots of things were given for her to reuse. The Thank You gifts were a reused punch glass turn candle with wild flower seeds. You could tell there was a lot of work put into it. 

The hostess even have a chick which also equals an instant friend! Beyonce, she’s a survive. She was not left out of  the shower and enjoyed some leftover quiche. 

Turns out this was a great baby shower theme!

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