Tiny House Dream

Confession: I thought I was only allowed to write about gardening and crafts… and stuff. I’m a do-er, it’s what I do, but the creative architect side of me has been busting at the seams. The wheels have been turning A lot at the office since I’ve been getting pumped about picking out stone and colors. And you know I do. I read the other day that this lady made an observation that bloggers only blog about a certain life styles. *thinking…. am I? Simple is a very broad term that I still stand behind but I’m random too, and that’s what you’re gonna get. 
A few years before I bought my house and when the economy was  nicer, I dreamed of having a small house… like small, 1,000-ish square feet. It’s all I needed. I live on the minimal side of things anyway, but not as much now. I’m not sure if it’s because I have more space or I’m getting older. Before, I just thought it was out of the question because it seemed there was only small houses in the bad part of town and thought it could be a bad investment. Some where along the way I discovered The Tiny House Blog years ago. I think it was a small thing on HGTV or something. I thought this was so cool. Still do. I threw this idea out the window, bought my house and just thought the other day: this was the plan all along. It’s a roomie 1200 sq ft, and I get looks when I tell people how big it is. “I could never live in a space that small.” Thanks, I love it! Honestly, I only live in less than 1,000 of it anyway.
It’s weird to think they live in super small spaces in Japan and even back in the day no one needed the giant houses we have now. The average square footage of houses continues to get larger. 
My dream is a super mod tiny house someday with enough land to have chickens and a goat!  I need a large body of water, too. Write that down! Don’t worry, the thought has crossed my mind, but alas, I will not be asking the council for a goat. *sigh. Just chickens please. 
This one is mine. Super mod tucked in a hill amongst in the garden. Love at first sight. 
 Note the large porch theme. I LOVE how simple this one is!

This one I noted because a family lives in this one on 20 acres. 

This lady is for sale. Isn’t she a charmer? Lots of victorian details inside.

I love seeing this kind of architecture. A small ‘unusable’ lot to fabulous urban living.
I feel like each one of these tiny houses have a great story behind them. Maybe it’s the super high efficiency that draws me in? They aren’t for everyone, but don’t deny they are pretty amazing. 
You better believe Tiny Texas Houses dot com exists, too. 

2 thoughts on “Tiny House Dream

  1. Hey love your house. I just wanted to pitch in as a small space convert. My girlfriend and I left our big homes in Canada to move in together into an apartment in Korea two years ago. Our apartment is probably 400 sq ft. Give or take 100…. We are completely happy in it. Now if we could throw on one extra room as an office or something (it is a one room studio style) we wouldn't complain. But we now know that whenever we move back to North America, a tiny house on some biggish land will be the way to go.
    Once you start living like this you get used to it and really start to appreciate it. Why do you need all that space indoors! If your bored, go outside and enjoy yourself.
    Anyways, thanks for the post!
    Check out our travel blog if interested at busanbyday.wordpress.com


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