So much Mint

Is it me, or is it hard to believe people when they say ‘Mint takes over.’ Maybe if it does, it will take awhile. This was me last year, so I bought one of those small containers of mint. I have a little bed between my two patios and a sidewalk which was perfect to contain this so-called taking over herb. I was a-ok with it taking over the bed. Quite frankly, my backyard can use some life.

I’ll say again, I bought a small container of mint at the nursery.

Mint at 12 months after planting
This picture is a month old, so it’s about 4 inches taller. I’ve even taken some to work and felt like it didn’t make much of a dent. So maybe ‘they’ are right. Mint will take over if you let it. 
Lucky for me, there is plenty to do with it, but my favorite is to add it to ice tea.
Mint Ice tea
I totally cheat and use my single cup tea steeper thing where I add my mint. I added it straight to the tea once and was sick of drinking pieces of leaves.
There are tons of other things to do with mint like using it in real drinks, food and baths, but I’ll stick to my mint ice tea for now. Delish.

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