Lady Bugs as an Accessory

My attempt to not use pestisides continues. This time something is eating my corn. Small green bugs have out defended my efforts to kill them with my DE. Neighbor knowledge lead me back to the store to purchase lady bugs to kill the APHIDS. My first thought is: fun! I need to buy some bugs. Then I thought, how do I put them in my garden without them flying away to find a greener pasture?


I went to North Haven Gardens for this purchase. It was my first time there and was impressed. It reminded me of Portland which have stores in residential areas. They even have chickens in the back to sell the eggs. Anywho, it’s not your run-of-the-mill nursery.

I got bugs in my fridge!

I was shocked to find the lady bugs in the fridge. I’m just going with it at this point. Sure enough, the label told me to keep them there until I’m ready for the release. The fridge keeps them dormant so they aren’t moving much. Then it said to release them at night because they don’t fly then. uhm, sure! Check out my first bell pepper from my garden!

DAY ZERO, THE RELEASE: I set them on the counter to thaw out a little before I released them, so they were ready to go. I made trek out to the garden, flashlight in hand, and I opened the container and tried to put them on the point of the food source: aphids. They didn’t stay contained well. It was dark, and I had lady bugs crawling all over my hands. Not a big deal… at all! I became impatient, shook them on the corn stalks and laid the container on the ground.

Day Zero: Release

DAY ONE, FEASTING: the morning check and they were still eating. I would like more on the aphids, but they didn’t listen. Instead, the lady bugs were everywhere. Even on the other veggies and fruit.

Day 1: Still Feasting!
Even after I got home from work, most of the aphids are gone and the lady bugs are still hanging out. Thanks ladies! The label also said if they have water and something to eat, they should stick around and lay eggs. Neat O.

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