Haters are Gonna Hate

I love it when my friends share chicken links with me. Today, my friend shared a chicken link but instead of a lover, he’s a chicken hater. In fact, even one of my peers, an architect here in Dallas:

My favorite comment on the post by Torie: Dude, if you like your eggs 3-4 months old, If you like your food to be mistreated, then buy your eggs from a grocery store. Raising a few chickens to have fresh eggs for your family is how folks have done it for years. Yo showed fancy chickens and pretty fancy spendy coops (not necessary at all). A safe homemade job will get it done. This makes it all look extravagant when raising chickens is the simplest thing could do, they make great pets and in return give fresh eggs when taken care of properly. I assume you don’t hunt, grow your vegetables or fish. So the grocery store is just right for you.   Thanx for investigating your doughts though. 

This guy was verbally killed by urban chicken supporters. However, he had some pretty cool photos of coops in his post. 

Some might think that it’s odd that I’m posting about it. No need to explain, I need people to voice why they don’t think it’s a good idea or why they don’t understand it. It will make my point and my presentation to city council that much stronger.

In conclusion: Raising backyard chickens isn’t for everyone. I understand. Why, when there is a perfectly good grocery store down the street? Just respect why people want to raise backyard chickens, just like gardening or hunting. Besides all the good things backyard chickens do etc, it’s a pretty cool hobby with pretty cool practical rewards!

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