Project: Another Day at the Plant – April

It’s almost embarrassing how much I’m enjoying growing fruits and veggies. Everything has been in the ground for about month and for the most part, everything is doing pretty good. I also keep adding to the list of things to grow.

What I got going on NOW:

Garden in April

My casualties were the spinach and onions. The spinach died and the onions never came up. The tomatoes were almost a goner until I received some neighbor knowledge, so they are almost back on schedule. I’ll get to that later on below.

What is growing: corn, strawberries, bell peppers, jalapenos, broccoli, and cucumber. All are from seed except the tall bell peppers and strawberries.

Growing Bell peppers

Check out the goods! I have a ton of blooms on each plant. The white stuff is dusted DE after I had watered the garden.


Two new grapevines

GRAPES: That’s what was previously on the fence, so I thought it was the right thing to do. True, but no. I thought it would be a great use of space to use the chain-link fence as a place for the vines to grow and more food. Both vines have grape clusters. The sad part is I read you need to cut them off so the plant focuses on growing a good root system. I didn’t even have the heart to take a picture of them.

Future Planter
THE UNKNOWN PLANTER: I first had the idea to have this planter as wild flowers, so it would attract all the right insects and birds. But then I’m trying to start cantaloupe and pumpkin seeds. I just keep adding to the things I want to grow. Ugh, so if the seeds don’t work out, I’ll do the wild flowers. Most of the boards to make this were from when I moved and used them to haul all of the stuff from my Aunt’s. They have been sitting the garage ever since. I have a few more things left to complete the planter.
Check out my bird bath I received for my birthday from my dad. My backyard is litter with concrete pads that were used for antennas. Again, I thought it would be a good use of space instead of trying to dig out the concrete. Well. Little did I know after talking to my neighbor that it’s not a pad, it’s four feet deep of solid concrete. That thing is not going anywhere on my watch!

Fig Cuttings

FIG TREE: All the trees in the backyard are trash trees. They are just those wild trees that are pretty worthless. However, my neighbors have a fabulous fig tree! Here goes my stab at getting these to start rooting.

JUST A FEW PESTS… er BUMPS: ORGANIC GARDENING IS SCARY! Let’s be honest. It’s much easier to hit the stores and buy whatever is cheapest and will get the job done. Like it’s easier to eat unhealthy foods. But alas, I’m an aspiring chicken owner, so I have no choice but to go green!  I think the unknown of organic gardening is the scary part. The tomatoes were being eating by the foot, and the trouble maker had FLEAS. One day I picked about 20 off of him and decided I needed to take serious action. He looked so miserable. This is after two applications of the liquid stuff. Apparently, the vet said fleas are going to be bad for everyone since we didn’t have a good freeze. She also made a good point:
PURCHASE THE RIGHT STUFF: On my way to BFE to visit older sister, I stopped at a random feed store. DIME A DOZEN ON 377 YA’LL! The man was really nice who helped me, so I think I stopped at the right one. 
DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: everybody needs this stuff! It’s also used in pools. I dusted the garden with it. I will dust my yard with it and already dusted the carpet with it. That’s right, I scooped it out of the bag and sprinkled it. It’s a fine white power that can’t harm us, but it kills all of the insets with exoskeletons. Reading the handout I received from the store: it removes the waxy protective finish of an insect’s shell, causing acute dehydration and death. Cool!
Goodbye fleas, ants, roaches, aphids and flies! I can’t get rid of those cabinet bugs – peace out! I sprinkled DE in the cabinet, too. It is even safe for chickens to eat.

In conclusion: things are moving along in backyard. It’s work, that’s for sure. 

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