Adding Mulch

Who doesn’t love low cost for a big wow? Last October I landscaped the front flower beds.  For some reason mulch never made it to my house. Since spring has sprung, the weeds have been a problem in the beds and thought something was missing. 
My friend Corey helped me with the design. I didn’t want another burb house with boxwoods and pansies. I wanted drought tolerant plants. I was loving the grasses but wasn’t sure what went with it. Thanks to Corey, we worked it out.
October front yard BEFORE
I’m really happy with the results.  The bed in the above picture has grasses, lantana, lavender and sage. The sage has great purple flowers after a nice rain. The other bed in front of the porch has rosemary, lavender and lantana seen in the photo below. 
Blooming Lavender

The rosemary is brilliant. The aroma of someone coming over and brushing against it is exactly what I wanted.

Back to the WOW… Everything made it through the winter, or lack there of winter with the exception of one lantana. All of them are coming back from the roots, so I trimmed off the dead. 
April front yard AFTER

It’s all about the MULCH. I think this adds the finishing touches for little money. This planter took four bags at $3 per bag. I say not bad. Don’t the grasses look so sad, I hope they come back? Maybe I should cut them?

Don’t forget the weed blocker! What’s the point otherwise? I used newspaper. This took more than just one Sunday news paper. There are many other options, I just chose the cheaper option and something you might have on hand.

In conclusion: Pretty classy huh? Mulch is good for plants to keep in moisture. It’s pretty cheap, is a quick project, and gives a nice punch to the flower beds. I would even say this is a MUST DO when trying to sell a house.

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