Project: Another Day at the Plant – March

It’s all about the garden today. I can’t say I have a green thumb, but some of my family does… my dad can’t kill anything which he got from my grandmother, and my other grandfather had an awesome garden growing up, too. I must have that gene somewhere, right?

While the greenhouse is still in the design stage, the show must go on…


About a  month ago I planted veggie seeds in plastic green houses I bought at my home improvement store. I learned after I planted the corn that you need lots of it to even make it worth while. Apparently, you have to have lots of corn so they can pollinated themselves.  Labeling these guys would have been key. I have a few ‘not sures.’ opps.

AFTER: Garden Bed One
The Making of Garden Bed One: I like to keep it simple. I bought (2) pieces of deck board and (1) stake. I cut each deck board in half and cut the stake into (4) pieces. You can see the stakes in the corner with the boards at a butt joint connected with wood screws. I didn’t get much of the weeds or grass out and added (2) bags of manure and (3)  bags of landscaping mix. This was a Jamie hurry project. 

The Eats: The Bell peppers are really happy and have buds along with the strawberries. Those guys have lots of buds and THREE  strawberries. On the other hand something is eating my spinach. Yesterday, I planted my seedlings: tomatoes, cucumbers, chives and a few surprises. Again, labeling is a good idea, people! I’m really protective about my babies I grew from seeds.

The Making of Garden Bed Two: (What I will do different) I have old 2×10’s I forgot about and an unused stake I bought for bed one. I like the simple construction but hopefully won’t put it together so craptasticly! I’ll line the bottom of the bed with newspaper right over the weeds and grass. I did not do this for Bed One, so I’m losing the weed control game. You can’t use newspaper with colored inked here, but the black and white stuff is fine; The colored ink is toxic. The newspaper acts as a natural weed blocker! aka cheap. (The newspaper idea is ‘neighbor knowledge’ I pick up from time to time) After that, I’ll add my compost a little at a time. Que the compost pile:
My Compost Pile
The Making of the Compost Pile: It’s just Poultry fencing tied with zip ties. It’s not very strong, and I’m about to 86 the fencing. I would, except the pups’ sniffer really likes to get into the leftovers.  Exhibit A: The Trouble Maker.  Because of the gross obvious it’s at the end of the yard. I never knew what the point of those cute compost cans for the kitchen were for until now. I have to put my dramatic hiking boots on to throw my kitchen waste away.  I put everything in the pile expect animals gross stuff and animal waste. Veggie scraps, grass, weeds, egg shells and coffee get put in there almost daily. Apparently, there is a magic layering that needs to go on here. 

BUT IT’S JUST THROW AWAY STUFF, HOW HARD CAN IT BE? I’ve read you need (3) green to (1) brown and a layer of dirt in there every now and then.  The green is the live stuff: grass clippings, veggie scraps, weeds, etc. The brown is the dead stuff: leaves, branches and etc. *Enter failure compost BIN. 

Making of the Compost Bin: It’s a trash can. Magic. Then I got drill happy! Instant compost bin, except for the layering bit. This was a bust for me. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the contents or if I can stand to start over… Another ‘in a hurry Jamie project.’ I really didn’t do much research (the layering part) before I started throwing stuff in there.

Not my favorite post or subject to write about, but the garden is important to my plan. I can’t wait to eat the fruits of my labor!

In conclusion, I’m no expert but I’ve learned some stuff along the way. I’m gonna be a lot smarter next season. I’m really looking forward to Aquaponics. It will really speed up my veggie and fruit production. 

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